BYOC Battery Kits

Our BYOC (Bring Your Own Cells) battery kits enable the average person to build high-current lithium ion batteries without buying and learning how to use a spot-welder. We offer both reusable and one-time-build kits. Our reusable kits include latches that allow the user to replace the battery cells at any time. The one-time-build kits rely on glue and are not easily user serviceable.

Both kits make use of pure copper braid, but are also compatible with wire. Also, both kits are capable of 20 amps per cell using a single layer of the included 5mm by 1mm copper braid. Every kit includes Omniscrews and an Omnitool to put it all together.

Currently (pun intended) all of our battery kits are designed for 21700 cells, but don't worry, 18650 designs are coming soon. 

Please allow 7 to 10 days for manufacturing and shipping.


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